Women in Pregnancy Surely the use of Basil leaves, and its benefits

Hello Tulsi plant is present in the house of people who believe in almost all Hindu religion. Tulsi plant remains sacred, so people worship it by putting it in the house. It is said that the house where there is basil is lost and negative power is over. In the scriptures, Tulsi's religious rituals have been told in many ways.
But let us tell you that there are many such qualities in the Tulsi plant. It is used to overcome many types of diseases. It is believed that for pregnant women there is no less than a boon. The best part is that regular consumption of it reduces the risk of infection. Apart from this, regular consumption of basil leaves also strengthens disease resistance in the body. This helps in preventing many small diseases.
Let's know the benefits of consuming basil in pregnancy-

1 .In many studies it has been said that the basil leaves have healing quality. Its leaves contain anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

2 .Tulasi leaves are a good source of magnesium, it is very beneficial for the growth of the bones of the fetus. Works in reducing magnesium tension present in basil. By which he remains stress free

3 .Tolicy leaves contain antibacterial properties. Therefore, the consumption of basil leaves decreases the risk of infection in any way

4. Vitamin A is present in the leaves of Tulasi, which is beneficial for the development of infant baby in the womb.

5. You should tell that daily chewing of 2 leaves of Tulsi and eating it does not reduce blood flow in the body. Most pregnant women in pregnancy have a shortage of blood, i.e., anemia-related problem. Such women should eat 2 tulsi leaves per day. This will benefit.
Knowing, Benefits of eating banana during pregnancy
During pregnancy, many women eat many fruits and know their benefits, do they ever know about the benefits of bananas, or if not
1- Bananas contain a good amount of calcium, which is very beneficial for the development of the bones of the baby born in the womb of a pregnant woman. Pregnant women should make regular use of it.

2- During pregnancy, some women often have fluctuations in blood pressure. For which women should eat banana because it contains potassium element which helps pregnant women control blood pressure.

3- In the muscles of pregnant women, banana is very beneficial in fixing the pain and pain of the hands.

4- Banana is very important during pregnancy because it controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels in women's body.

5-Banana intake increases hemoglobin which is very beneficial for pregnant women and their children.

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