Sexy robots and technicolor lights mark the future of Dior

A 12-meter-high robot with her glistening thong and pert bosom stood seductively in the middle of a technicolor laser show in Tokyo’s Telecom Centre last week – the cutting-edge set up for Dior’s first ever men’s Pre-Fall show that had discerning editors from across the globe hustle for the best vantage point to flood their Instagram.
Created in collaboration with legendary Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama (who also helped design some of the clothes), Dior’s Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones did nothing to mask his ultra-modern aspirations for the Parisian house: Right from the futuristic set up to the metallization of Dior signature products – grey slim-fitting suits, robotic co-ords, satin polo necks, logo-heavy jumpers, tactical cargo pants and a shiny saddle that’s guaranteed to be a hot buy in 2019.

Jones cleverly borrowed from Dior’s archives (the floral runway, immaculate tailoring and the show’s location that paid homage to Monsieur Dior’s fascination for Japan); then bolstered it with his signature stamp of fusing classic and current; couture and sport. The clothes were a perfect harmony of Dior’s elegant codes and the current demand for hype-heavy merch. For Jones, it’s very evidently about the now and the new. In the front row, a long line of Dior patrons, from A$AP Rocky and Bella Hadid to David Beckham and Ezra Miller, cheered on. Beckham, perhaps, eyeing the tailored suits, while A$AP Rocky wondering how many more silver pants he can fit in into his wardrobe.

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