Now get rid of waxing forever, such removes unwanted hair

Whenever there is a need to improve the personality, then first of all you want to get rid of your unwanted hair. There are two types of methods adopted in the market to remove unwanted hair, shaving and waxing. Some people use painful waxing, some people resort to showering.
If you are also often confused in shaving and waxing while removing your unwanted hair, which method will keep you free of unhealthy hair for a long time. So today we are telling you the advantages and disadvantages of both shaving and waxing. By which you can understand which method will be beneficial for removing your unwanted hair.

Benefits of Waxing

1. Waxing allows the skin to remain hair free for a long time, because it helps in removing hair from the root in waxing.

2. It remains soft in the skin for a long time.

3. It is a natural way to remove unwanted hair, because it uses herbal wax.

4. Waxing reduces the growth of unwanted hair.

The right way to waxing

1. Firstly clean the waxing place and dry it.

2. Do not have any type of oil, cream, on the skin, it can break your hair in between.

3. Heat the wax only warm, because there is a risk of burning skin with hot wax.

4. Put powder on the skin before waxing. This will easily remove the skin dirt, as well as ease of removing the wax strip.

5. Now apply lukewarm wax with the help of knife knife on the skin and remove the waxing strip from the skin from the reverse direction of the hair.

6. Do not use it once again after using Wax Strip.

7. Quickly remove the waxing strip, or else gradually removes hair loss with the skin.

8. After waxing, you can apply ice to reduce the burning and pain of the waxing place.

10. Avoid using Wax on the face.

Loss of waxing

1. The process of waxing is extremely painful. 2. Continuous waxing increases laxity in the skin. 3. If you have skin sensitive or allergic, then there is risk of having red spots or fibers on the skin when waxing. Danger 4. Not working on small hair. 5. If you are waxing in a salon or parlor, then take care of hygiene.

Benefits of shaving

1. It is the easiest and one painless way to remove unwanted hair.

2. It allows you to remove very small hair easily.

3. It can help you without any help at home.

4. Without the presence of electronic shaver and applicator in the market, it is very easy to remove unwanted hair without gels or water.

5. It is easy to get rid of hair at home only in less time than shaving.

The perfect way to shave

1. If you want to remove your unwanted hair through shaving, its best time is of night, because the skin naturally flows at this time, so always shave before sleeping at night.

2. For the better results of shaving, first trim the hair of the hair.

3. Use gels, shaving cream or form on skin before shaving.

4. Always use clean and hygienic razor and blades. For good and quick results, you can shave with a double blade razor.

5. Use ice or shaving after creams to remove skin irritation after shaving.

Shaving losses

1. The skin starts becoming rusty after continuous shaving. 2. Reduce time to get rid of unwanted hair only. 3. Always shave with a good razor. 4. Always use the new blade to avoid side effects on the skin.

10 Easy Way to Make New Hair Style (10 New Hairstyles For Women)

10 Easy Way to Make New Hair Styles Learn Steps Steps To Learn Step By Step And Daily Make New Hair Style We are telling you 10 easy ways to make New Hair Style, by learning which you can learn to create 10 new hairstyles in minutes.

1) Braided High Bun Hairstyle
* Make a high ponytail by combing hair well.
* Take a punch from a ponytail to a section of the hair and split it.
* Make a pair of remaining hair.
* Pip up the peak on the hook and pinp on top.

2) Bride Bun Hairstyle

* Remove demand in between. Twist through both the ear and the section of the hair.
* Lose Twist a bit. Put the rubberband as per the picture.
* Create two pegs by dividing the hair behind the two sections.
* Wrap the two peaks by crosscrossing. Secure with PIN.

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3) Fishtail Breed Bun Hairstyle

* Tie a small section of hair with both ear and tie it to Transparent rubberband.
* Now take a section of hair and take it from the inside of the first section and then put the rubberband again.
* Taking the third-fourth section in the same way, apply rubberband (see picture).
* In the same way, be prepared while taking small sections. Beautiful design will be created.
* Lose hair slightly.
* Use small diamond hair accessories to hide rubberband.

Whenever there is a need to improve the personality, then first of all 4) Messy Braid Hairstyle

* Straighten the hair. These hairstyles look good in straight hair.
* Straighten the left and the middle of the middle with the hair section.
* Similar to a top right and one on the left.

* Lose the peak. This will give a different look.

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