Makeup Tips: Primer, Serum, Foundation, Concealer, What to Do First and How?

These things should be
Almost all the girls like to do makeup. You will probably find one of the thousands of girls who get frustrated with the name of make-up and run away from it. All the girls like to do a little more makeup if not more or more. Some girls make a very good make-up, but there are some who know the steps of make-up, yet they are not able to do make-up properly.

There are two big reasons behind this - do not know the correct order of first makeup and do not have to use every other make-up product properly. So today we are going to tell you the right order to make-up. What should be first put on the face, how the order goes after it and what are the things to take care of when using these products.
Popular Makeup Products
Generally the girls know about foundation, compact powder in base make-up. But apart from this there are products like Serum, Primer, Concealer, which are used in makeup base and keep makeup for hours. But let's know when and how to use which product.

First Serum
If you want to make your face not bad due to oil after makeup, then use the serum before applying make-up on the face. Buy the serum according to your skin type, take 3 to 4 drops on your hands and tap it on the face. Apply serum only on areas where oil comes more.

Primer makeup is the first and the most prominent cosmetic item to maintain the base. This prevents makeup from spoiling. Taking the primer on the finger only in areas where skin pores are more. It does not need to be applied on the whole face like cream.

Generally people are conifulating that the face first is on the face of the foundation or the foundation? So the answer is Concealer. That's because the consulsor reduces the work of the Foundation by covering the dark circles and dark spots and gives 'Iven' tone even before applying the skin to the foundation. Then put the concealer well under the eyes and all the dark spots in the face.

The foundation comes after Concealer. Choose it carefully according to your skin tone. Using the wrong foundation can spoil your entire makeup. If you have a dry foundation, then use sponges to apply it, if the foundation is liquid then if it is liquid then it will be applied properly using the brush.

If you have more oily skin then you should definitely put compound powder on the face after applying a makeup base. Otherwise, find these powders in areas where there is a possibility of oil coming. Compact powder is not required to be applied on the whole face.

These things should be done in the new bridal makeup kit
A new bride has always had to look beautiful, it is very important to make a make-up on the face. Making a makeup keeps the beauty of the face. A bride should come up with her simple make-up, it is very important and for this your make-up kit It should also be fully informed about what should be done in it so today you will be able to tell what should be done in a simple makeup kit, let's know. Yeah, you too must be in the new bride's make-up kit.

Before applying make-up on your face, your skin needs to be cleaned. Only after making make-up, you can use any natural facewas. You can also use a cleanser instead of facewas, it helps to clean your skin. is

First of all, we apply primer to our skin. Primer makeup kit is the most essential product, its use is used to keep makeup for a long time, it keeps the tones light.

3.BB Cream-
You can use it instead of foundation if you do not have to apply the foundation well on the face, then you will be able to try BB cream, it helps in keeping the face light.

4. Foundation or Concealer-
To remove facial scars, the Foundation is applied to the skin and it is done by dot dotting the face and the use of the conjunction is done to remove the black stain spot below the eyes.

5.Face Powder -
फेस पाउडर स्कीन को गोरा करता है फाउंडेशन को लगाने के बाद फेस पाउडर को जरुर लगाये इसे लगाने के लिए ब्रेस की हेल्प ले सकती है फेस पाउडर और ब्रेस भी मेकअप किट में होना जरुरी होता है.
6.लिप लाइनर.
The lip liner is applied to the lip. It is applied before lipstick is applied, it prevents lipstick from spreading and also helps in the supply of lipstick. Some common color lip liner should be in your kit.

Some common colors of lipstick should be made in bridal make-up kits such as Pink Mehroon, Red, Brown etc. Only after making a lipstick apply on lips, a bride's makeup looks perfect.

8. Jell Eye Liner Pencil-
It is very important to be in the I liner pencil makeup kit because the new bride is quite busy, for this liner pencil is very useful. It takes an instant and does not even fade. This is done in the core of the eyelid. .

9. Kajal -
Mascara makes the beauty of the eyes more twinkling and makes it attractive. Black and charcoal gray mascara must be in your kit. There are many colors in it, which will match all your bridal dress.

10 .Ii Shadow or Mascara-
Mascara offers complete help in giving Smoky look to the eyes. It gives complete makeup to the eyes. There are many eyed shadows available in the market. Whether you can try Shamara's shadow tray, it is very good and be careful that the mascara should be waterproof. needed.

11.Lip balm-
Lip bombs prevent lips from breaking up. It has to be used before bedtime. It keeps the lips soft. It is also necessary to have lip balm in your kit. Use only natural lip balm.

12.New Paint-

Nail paint in a kit should be kept in a bride's make-up kit These colors of Nail Painters must be Pink, Mehrun, Red, Color

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