Make potato-chana licking for this little appetite with this easy recipe

When you have a feeling of eating something light-fodder and you do not understand what to make, then we are telling you a recipe. It's easy to make and will give you strength too. This potato chana will remove the small appetite. Which is easy to make with this recipe.

One bowl (soaked), two potatoes (boiled), one onion (finely chopped), a tomato (finely chopped), two large spoons of coriander (finely chopped), a small bowl saave, a big spoon Green teaspoon lemon juice, one big spoon red sauce, a tablespoon licking masala, a small spoon roasted, cumin powder, salt, according to taste.

In the medium flame, add gram, water and salt to a pressure cooker and boil it in 4-5 whistles. Once the pressure is completely removed, filter the gram and take it out in a bowl. Mix boiled potato pieces, finely chopped onions, tomatoes and green coriander. Give top green chutney, red sauce, licking masala, cumin powder and salt. Pour lemon juice and serve by serving the last. Ready potato gram lick.
Now you can also make your own soft dhokla, the way to make it here
Jaipur. As we all know that no one can make soft dhokla from everyone, there is a different way of making soft dhokals, which are very few people know, when you make Dhokla at home, they are not soft, today we You are going to tell you how to make Mulayam Dhokla, you have nothing to do, just what we are telling you, you have to do just that. Our promise is that you will also learn to make soft Dhokles.
Now let us tell you what you need, firstly gram flour - 200 grams, turmeric - 1/6 part (in very small quantities), salt - according to taste, lemon juice - 1 lemon, eater soda - 1 teaspoon So this is the material to make Dhokla. Now, if we tell you about the content of tempering on Dhokla, then first of all we have oil - 1 teaspoon, rai - half teaspoon, green chilli - 2-3 (cut in length), lemon Juice of - half lemon, salt - ¼ small f Mamch, sugar - 1 teaspoon, curry leaves - 5-6 leaves.
Now, let us tell you how to make soft dhokla, first mix turmeric, salt and lemon juice in the gram flour and pour some water in it and make a thick batter by running it with a spoon, run the solution so well that it does not contain cloves. Keep aside the gram flour for half an hour so that the gram flour gets blown,
Now you have to take a cooker and put 2 glasses of water in it to keep it warm, then take a deep vessel that can go inside the cooker, put light oil on the inside, then now you have to add soda to the gram flour, like If you put soda in gram flour, then the gram flour starts flowing,
Now put it in an oiled container, now put it in a hot cooker, cover it with a lid and remove its whistle, cook it for 20 minutes, open the cooker and put a knife in the dhokle and check it. If not cooked, then the Dhokla will not stick to the knife. Then prepare the dhokla from the cooker and keep it cool for cooling. Now we will tell you to tinkle on the dhankala
Now, let us heat the oil in a pan and put the rye and curry leaves in it. When the stomach starts to pour, then add 1 cup of water then add sugar, lemon juice, chopped green chillies and salt and let the water boil for 10 minutes. After shutting the gas, now you have to tad on the ready-made dhokals and then your soft dhokla is ready.

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