Benefits of eating ghee in pregnancy, women must read

Hello, Being a mother is one of the most special moments for women and during this time, women take special care of their health as well as their health. Eat nutritious and vitamin-rich ingredients in their diet. So that their child is born smart and healthy. But do you know how beneficial it is for you to take ghee in pregnancy? If not, then be sure to read this post.

Benefits of eating indigenous ghee in pregnancy-

1. By eating indigenous ghee in pregnancy both mother and child get rich nutrition. Let us tell you that omega-3, omega-9 fatty acids are present in the desi ghee. Which is beneficial for both.
2. Ghee Ghee is helpful in getting relief from constipation in pregnancy. Therefore, women should consume ghee during pregnancy.

3. Tell you that the type of food women consume during pregnancy. Its direct effect falls on the child born in the womb. So if you consume ghee during pregnancy. It will be beneficial for the development of the child and your future child will be of a strong mind.

4. Consuming indigenous ghee regularly during pregnancy strengthens the digestive system of women. By which the diet they consume is well digested and it is helpful to keep the baby in your home healthy.

5 .Do you tell that women have to suffer a lot during delivery at the time of delivery. But these women consume indigenous ghee regularly. They have lower labor pills.

These 2 problems associated with skin during pregnancy, the ways to avoid

Hello, It is a happiest time for women to become mothers. But during pregnancy, women have to undergo many types of problems. There are many problems in which there is mainly vomiting, feeling tired, weakness, and having pain in the body. But apart from this, there are many skin related problems too. So today we will try to tell about two problems related to skin.
There are many problems associated with skin during pregnancy, so there should be special care for thought. The way in which some other things take care of pregnancy. Keep your skin's attention in the same way. Because other body parts such as swelling on hands and face and elsewhere cause swelling. Lots of hormones change during pregnancy and the skin becomes more sensitive due to hormonal changes. Therefore, problems related to skin are beginning to occur.

So let's know about two problems related to skin-

1 .Stratch Mark on the Glass -

Stretch marks are a common practice during pregnancy. Which happens to all women during pregnancy. These stretch marks are made on stomach, waist and breasts.

2. Having a sense of humor-

The stomach grows during pregnancy. This causes muscles to stretch. Due to the spread of the skin, the problem of itching begins to arise. This causes the itching of the whole body to run. At such times you should put calamine lotion and cream moisturizers on the skin. If the skin becomes more itchy then you must contact your doctor.

Measures to Avoid Skin Diseases During Pregnancy-

* Women feel more stressed during pregnancy, so you need rest for healthy skin.

* Due to the pregnancy, the skin starts drying. You always have to use moisturizers for this.

* Drinking enough water every day, toxins present inside the skin will be out. Which will keep your skin fertile.

* Consume more green greens, vegetables and fruits in the diet. Consuming the fruits so that the antioxidants present in them will keep you from harming your skin and your skin will remain healthy.

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