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7 Amazing Health Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy And Better

7 Amazing Health Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy And Better

Here are some amazing health hacks that will make your life easier and better every day:-
1. Avoid normal office desk and switch to a standing desk if possible
Our normal working hours varies from 6–9 hours a day. Sitting for 6–9 hours a day on your chair puts pressure at the base of your spine which causes some serious long term health issues such as herniated disk and chronic back pain. This can be avoided if you can switch to a standing desk at office.

2. Foreplay + Sex is really really important
Yes, Sex has loads of health benefits, it makes you feel better by releasing the endorphins. Also it throws all the stress away from your mind. A 30 minutes of bedroom session can burn upto 100 calories. Thus, ultimately making your next day and every night easier and healthier.
3. Avoid using any kind of Technology Gadget for day once in a month
Some people call this a digital detox wherein a person has to completely avoid any kind of gadget for 24 hours. This will improve your posture, throw out your stress, will boost your self-esteem for sure, make you more creative and more focused.
4. Seven hours of sleep is enough and must
According to some research, seven to nine hours of good night sleep will make your brain sharp, keep your body healthy and make you very active throughout the day.

5. Exercising three times a week is enough (If everyday is not possible for you)
Working our daily at gym is not possible for working professionals. However, working our have a lot of health benefits. Mostly, working our keeps our body toned and in shape. According to a research, working out also makes our mind healthy and keep ourselves stress free. If you are not able to workout everyday, you must exercise trice a week in order to gain some health benefits.

6. Avoid Skipping Breakfast
This is a very important point that will make your life very very easier if you make this a habit. Breakfast boosts your metabolism which ultimately results in burning calories throughout the day. Eating breakfast will boost you throughout the day, making you energetic, sharp and confident at your working hours.

7. Increase Your Water Intake
Every single human in this world have heard once in their life that you should drink 8 glasses of water every single day. But, every single human do not follow the same. You should double your water intake. This is because water has loads of health benefits such as:

  • Makes your hair more shiny
  • It boosts your energy level
  • It also relieves fatigue
  • It throws out toxic substances from your blood
  • It also helps if you often suffer from headaches and migraine
  • Also helps in weight loss
  • Improves your digestion
  • It glows your skin
  • It improves your mood and keep you fresh throughout the day
  • Drinking enough water also removes your bad breath
  • Drinking eight glasses of water a day also regulates your body temperature
  • Most important thing - it keeps you alive
Thanks for reading:)