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5 reasons why should include cabbage in your daily diet

Cabbage plays an important role in your kitchen during winters as it is essentially a winter veggie, although cabbage lovers include them in theirdiet during summers as well. However, all of you must put cabbage on in yourdiet list due to an array of health benefits it offers. Here we are with a list of all those good things that cabbage does to your health.

Antioxidant agent: Cabbage is a great antioxidant agent and detoxifier as well and it purifies blood and throws out toxins, especially free radicals and uric acid that are the main causes of rheumatism, gout, arthritis, renal calculi, skin diseases and eczema. A storehouse of vitamin C and sulfur, cabbage serves as a potent antioxidant agent for your body.
Anti-inflammatory agent: Rich in sulforaphane, a compound that curbs inflammation, cabbage has high anti-inflammatory properties. Cabbage is also known for accumulating a build-up of cadmium-binding complexes in its leaves, one of the main components of which is glutamine. This is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and consuming it can help to lessen inflammation, irritation, allergies, joint pain, fever and several skin disorders.
Prevents cancer: Several studies have shown that brassica vegetables like cabbage has relatively high content of glucosinolates that have anti-carcinogenic properties. Cabbages can scavenge free radicals from the body that can be harmful for overall health and are potent causes of cancer and heart diseases.
Amps up digestive health: Cabbage has high fibre content and glucosinolates that aid your body in retaining water and maintaining the bulkiness of the food as it moves through the bowels. According to various studies, the fibre content in cabbage bulks up the bowel movements and treat constipation.
Monitors heart health and cholesterol:Cabbages are rich in polyphenols that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by lowering LDL cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure and blocking platelet build-up. By binding the bile acids too cabbage helps to curb your bad cholesterol levels..

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