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5 Amazing facts about Thailand

5 Amazing facts about Thailand

1 Thailand is the only south asian country that was never colonized by an european country in fact in the thai language the name of the country is prathet in thai which means land of free
2 Thailand has over 1430 island and beaches which are most famous hoilday retreats and tourist attractions these include Phuket koh phi phi and koh lipe

3 Thailand is home to many animals about a tenth of all the animal species on the planet call Thailand home and a teeth of all bird species to put that into perspective it has more birds than europe and america combined
4 Over one hundred years ago nearly all of northern thailand was covered in hardwood forest today about quater of the forest left
5 Showing respect for another person head is imperative in Thailand the head is imperative in thailand the head is considered to be the most important part of the body and so thai culture forbids touching anyone on the head.