3 ways to overcome problems that occur after waxing

After waxing, many girls and women have many minor problems on the skin such as redness on the skin, scarring, irritation, swelling and itching. If you want to remove these problems after waxing and then you can try the following measures -

After waxing 1 hands and feet, add those parts supplemented cream.

After 2 waxing, tea oil may also be applied to those parts. This oil is rich in antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which helps to reduce itching and swelling.

3 If you have itching in the skin after waxing, then you can also use coconut oil. Antifangal and antibacterial properties are present in this oil. You add 1 cup of sugar to this oil and use this mixture as a scrub.

If you are going to be a mother in an increasing age, then you are ready for these dangers

If you are deciding to become a mother late for any reason, you should know its risks and consequences. You should know that if a mother is growing at an increasing age, then what are the dangers of you, especially when you are becoming a mother after 40 years of age. Let's know, there are some risks that you may have to take in pregnancy at the age of 40.

1. With increasing age, you also get closer to the menopause, which affects your reproductive capacity.

2. When you become a mother in an increasing age, you may have to face many kinds of diseases. Just like you can have high blood pressure and hypertension.

3. Women who try to become mothers in this age also have a risk of heart attack.

4. You may also have diabetes during pregnancy at this age. In such a situation, the sugar levels of the child can also be reduced and it can be accompanied by junk and some diseases.

5. There is a possibility of having multiple birth at this age. That is, there is more chance of giving birth to more than one child.

6. In this age, there is a possibility of death during childbirth either of both mother and child or both.

Women must read: These measures adopted to make your waist and belly thin and attractive

Dear readers, today women want to show themselves beautiful and attractive. For which they go to the gym and sweat for hours. Women want that their waist and stomach look very slim, so that someone can praise them. In today's age, the weight of women is increasing day by day due to lack of proper diet. Because of which, most of the impact appears on their waist and stomach. So in today's information we are going to tell you some fascinating ways to keep the waist and stomach fit.

Let's know about these remedies,

The first solution,

If a woman wants to lose weight And if you want to make the waist salim, then you should never drink water immediately after eating it. Those women who do this will increase their stomach fat. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water only at least one to one and a half hours after eating it.

The second solution,

Open air and exercise to lose weight naturally. The women who do this decrease their fat stomach.

The third solution,

Earlier, women had a lot of interest in fasting. But nowadays it is becoming very low. The women who have fasted once a week, the digestive system of those women remains strong. Along with their fat stomach decreases.


Women who want to reduce their waist should leave milk tea. And green tea should be consumed.

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