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3 Colours that all women like on their Men, regardless of any skin tone

There are a handful of colors that perform well in surveys time and time again when it comes to finding out which colors women like to see on men who are trying to get their attention. Colors that symbolize intelligence, power, social status, and confidence are usually the winners and seen as most attractive to women.

A survey discussed at Medical Daily showed that men are more likely to get a "yes" when he asks a woman on a date if he's wearing purple. Thirty-six percent of women said they would accept an invitation to go on a date from a man wearing purple.

Black inspires confidence, which leads to others perceiving you as more trustworthy and capable, and it's associated with intelligence and sexiness.
Sixty-six percent of women in this survey preferred black over other colors (blue was in second place).
#1. RED

Red is one of the standout colors that attract women. It suggests power, good health, money, social status, and passion. From a slightly different standpoint, red can boost the wearer's confidence, which in turn makes him more attractive to women, too.

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