The problem of hair loss has been troubled, then adopt this domestic Ayurvedic remedy

Due to the increasing pollution in today's time, its effect is affecting our hair, due to the pollution, our hair has become lifeless, along with that our hair loss problem is also very high. It is very important to take care of hair is very important to keep your hair clean and should be put in regular oil, but it is very rare. There are people who pay more attention to their hair because nowadays the life of a man has become so busy that he can not take out the time for himself due to which hair loss and baldness have become a common thing, which causes millions of people to suffer. Through this article you are going to tell some home remedies which will make your hair strong and dense and also get rid of the problem of hair loss.
Let's know about these home remedies.

Coconut oil massage

If you massage with coconut oil in your hair then it can be rid of the problem of hair. Coconut oil contains all the elements that strengthen the hair from the ends to the roots and prevent them from falling. If you want to keep your hair healthy then make sure to coconut oil massage in your hair.

Azadirachta indica

Neem leaves contain antibacterial vitamins in addition to anti-fungal anti parasitic properties, proteins and carotene are present in abundance, which not only protects against hair infections, but also protects against hair loss and longer breaks. Neem leaves are medicinal Due to the properties, it has been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine.

Take care of food

If you want to keep your hair strong, then you have to take care of your diet for it. You will need to include those things in which there are abundant protein minerals and vitamins you eat vitamin P in food like pumpkin carrots. You can eat foods like Vitamin E, such as Almonds and Nashati, besides you also eat foods containing Vitamin C such as Amla and Citrus fruits Can take not.

Fish intake
To maintain the hair strong and healthy, you must consume the fish as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which makes our body healthy and helps in making healthy hair too.

If you want to save your hair from the fall then take 50 grams of dry amla for it soak it in 250 grams of water at night, then wake up in the morning and wash your head with water, you have to do this for 10 days continuously hair The problem of loss will be overcome.
If you use curd on your hair, then it works as a natural conditioner. Applying curd to the hair gives natural glow and beauty. There are plenty of vitamins B5 and proteins present in the curd due to which the problem of hair breakdown Goes away.

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