Should have a face full of moon, work every night

Today people use a variety of beauty products to make their skin shine and make it shiny! These bourgeois products are not only expensive, but you can have many kinds of side effects from using them for longer periods of time! Keeping this in mind, home remedies are always best, we are going to tell you some very special and home-based home remedies! After trying out these tips, your skin will be tremendous.

After a daybreak, the dust of the soil and dust of other parts of the body gets deposited on the skin! They not only reduce your skin tone but also damage your skin. There are many tiny limbs in our skin! Our skin

By doing the work of breathing and staying healthy! Due to clay dust particles coming in, these lymph nodes are closed and the skin starts appearing unnecessarily! You can take these measures to get rid of this problem!

Take raw milk in a bowl before sleeping at night! Now take a piece of cotton and dip it in milk and face the skin on the other place! These massages allow you to lighten your hand in circular motion for about 5 minutes. After this 10 to 15 minutes let it stay on the face! Now wash the face with water, with this remedy your skin will be cleaned properly! Now on the next day when you wake up in the morning, two teaspoons of rose water, half a teaspoon turmeric, one spoon of cream, one teaspoon silver powder and half a teaspoon lemon Mix the juice of juice, keep this face pack for about 15 minutes on face and wash the face with clean water! Take this measure at least three times a week. In a few days you will begin to see the brightness in your skin!
Today, you are told to do such workable home remedies which will give you a fair white face and no side effects.

To make Scrub: First, take a spoonful of sugar, one spoon Aloevera gel, half chopped lemon juice together in a bowl. Then mix them all together. Put this scrub on your face with the help of lemon pebbles. Then wash your face with cold water.

Skin Whitening Pack: Take 2 spoons of curd, a spoonful of milk and a spoonful of honey in a bowl. Now get it together, it has become your pack. Now put it on your face and massage for half a minute, massage it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash the face with water after a while. You have to use this pack and scrub 3-4 times a week. Keep in mind that you have to use this pack after scrubbing.

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