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Home Remedies for Softening the Rusty Skin in the Winter

Hello friends, welcome friends, today we are trying to tell you that the winter season has started, our body will start to have stiffness, skin rupture problems, mostly dry skin during the cold season or the wind Due to walking, but some skin of the skin remains rustic in every season, causing people to worry, if you want to protect the skin from becoming stale, then this d Elu steps you can try, will be soft on your skin forever,
Solution :-
• Friends, if you add honey in raw milk on the face, your skin will become soft,

• If you put one or two drops of olive oil in raw milk in winter, the skin remains soft,
• Friends, if you make a ripe banana paste in the winter, leave it for a while after putting it on face and neck, and when it is dry, wash your face with clean water, it will soften the skin • Daily in cold weather Before the massage of almond oil, face massage on the face becomes soft, by continuing such a process, your skin will become soft forever,

• Massaging the skin before bedtime with the almond oil makes the skin soft. By continuing such a process, your skin will become soft forever, after the bath, place the aloe vera gel on the face; Softness remains throughout the day,

• Friends, during the winter season, if you mix 1 teaspoon of glycerine in 3 teaspoons of rose water, sleep in the whole body overnight, or leave it for 2-3 hours in face and body, then after bathing in your entire body And the face will start to shine brightly, and the skin will remain soft.

• After the bath put aloe vera gel on the face, it keeps the skin dry all day long

• Take eight leaves of mint and mix it in the white of an egg until the froth, after which add half a spoonful of ground cucumber, then apply this paste on the face for 15 to 20 minutes, after washing face with fresh water, face The color becomes shiny and blonde, your skin will become soft,

To avoid rusty skin in winter, these solutions
To avoid winter, we use warm clothes, but in this season we can not keep the attention of our skin in the right way, due to which our skin starts getting tired and torn. Cold winds take away the moisture of our skin completely, due to which our strength starts decreasing. But today we are telling you some such measures that can help you recover lost skin of our skin. Our skin becomes cold due to cold winds.

 To avoid this you have to moisturize as much as possible. It is seen that compared to the summer the body needs more moisturizing in the winter. If you want to make moisturizing in the house then you can use aloe vera and coconut for it. Only milk and almond powder can be used to make moisturizing peak at home. For this, mix both of them in small quantities and apply them on your face and leave for a while. Then wash your face with water and wash your face with water.
This will keep your skin moist. Keep this in mind that in the winter day do not bath with hot water. It is often seen that most people take a bath with hot water to avoid the cold, but bathing with hot water eliminates the moisture of the skin and the skin becomes rigid. On the other hand, keep your hands and feet specially in the winter. After bathing hands and feet, moisturizing cream is definitely done, so the skin remains soft and moisture is maintained. At the same time, you can use glycerin and rose water to keep moisture moisture.

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